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Compatibility with Efnote5

Started by VeryAndDidIsMy, May 10, 2023, 10:36:15 PM

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Hi, does anyone know how compatible the mkII module is with the Efnote 5 pads and cymbals. I was thinking of getting the mkII and using it with my Efnote but someone told me the hi hat would not be compatible.


I don't know for certain, but if the Efnote hihat is Roland compatible then the Zourman conversion module should work.


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I think you'll be fine with the drums and cymbals, only the hihat will not be usable. Unless you're willing do some surgery on a cable. The Efnote used a multipin connector within that there's the power supply for the optical sensor and also the piezo/switch terminals.
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Whoever makes a cable adapter for the hihat gets my money