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Remembering Jman

Started by Slamstick, May 09, 2023, 07:14:44 AM

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For those of you who remember Jman (Jerry Langenfeld)  DIY Pioneer and Great Friend on this forum, Vdrum forum, and others. It gas been 3 years since Jmans passing, and I truly miss him! Besides being a member here who helped so many people with his knowledge,and his products, he became a friend to so many of us. Rest Easy J . See you on the other side!


Wonderful words fitting to such a great man. Most of us never met him but when definitely knew his name. He was a huge force in this forum and in edrum circles on the whole. I never come on here and not think of him. Sorely missed by all.
My Hovercraft is full of Eels!


Well said Slamstick. He will be on the mod list forever, in tribute.