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Will mk2 Software/library run on MK1?

Started by Tree, April 06, 2023, 11:45:08 PM

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Hey Guys!  My old account must have been deleted but I've been coming here for years. :)

Quick question.  I have a MK1 with nearly every possible upgrade.  Card extender, Jman HiHat bypass, etc.

TLDR:  I want to have all kits and sounds from both mk1 and mk2 modules in my mk1 as painlessly as possible.

What I want to know is whether I could get the MK2 sounds, properly grouped into kits, and if I can just drag and drop that and run it on the MK1?  I don't want to mess with my card too much since I have a lot of custom stuff on there.  Since it's proprietary, would anyone be able to point me to a download file that just has all the sounds up till now preferably arranged into the proper kits? If it has all the website extras even better.

Also curious what would happen if I took a clean SD and loaded the new drummit 3 or 5 complete OS and library and tried to boot it into the mk1?


I wish I could answer, but I don't want to give wrong information. You'd have to at least have all the sounds needed. As for having all kits in the same order as they'd appear on all versions of the Drumit5 modules, I wouldn't want to guess other than I assume it can be done by having two boot up versions but with the same trigger settings.

Hopefully someone can chime in with specific info for you.
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Thanks for the reply! 

Like they have a "Card Content" 1 and 2.  I'm assuming the sounds and kits are arranged in a similar way to the mk1.  Maybe I'll just DL the whole mk2 folders and try to just copy library stuff.


You could use Lustark Drumit Manager and merge your old trigger settings into a new SD card with the MK2 OS build and all the new sounds. It will work perfect on your original 2box module and also leave your original SD card untouched. (The trigger settings and sound banks is stored in the same dkit file)

I actually made such a job for a customer (he sent me the right dkit file used on his old 2box module - which I merged into one of my offered SD cards with the latest OS/Sounds build installed) - maybe I should start offer this as a service at ! :-)

Best regards

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Thanks for the response!

This thread was kinda dead so I started experimenting.  I just downloaded the complete mk2 card, added all my custom kits, and swapped the globalconfig file hoping it will remember my sensitivity settings etc. 

The os version that ships with mk2 is the same as what I has installed.  Hoping for some fresh new preset kits and usual performance from my usual faves.

Will report back tomorrow :)