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All drum sounds randomly stop

Started by dmlove, March 15, 2023, 10:20:33 PM

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Hi there,

I am posting on behalf of my young son who got a speedlight kit for Christmas (which he loves).  We have everything set pretty well, however, there are times when the sounds in the module simply cut off all at the same time, mid-play (sounds as if someone has hit a mute button).  When this happens, none of the drums produce any sound when struck.  The module stays powered on the whole time but requires to be powered off and then on again before the drums start working.  Notably, the line in remains functional throughout with this audio passing through the module just fine.

Not sure if anyone has experience of this, but any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.  Since getting the kit, it gas happened maybe 20 times or so, so is infrequent given he plays the kit most days - but it is irritating and it would be better if it didn't happen!

Thanks in advance.

Deve Loper

If you can read german, here is a thread

Its kind of the same module with another outside. Look for user Drumstudio1, he has the same problem.

Best, Deve.
Ps. Myself, I dont know why, I am not involved since the original DI5.


It sounds like a SD card-read speed issue. Contact 2box or the shop you bought it from and ask for a replacement card.

You can of course get an SD card yourself to replace the on in it. Make sure you only get 4gb size, no larger! The best type to get I am not familiar with, as there are many types, maybe someone can suggest it.

Once you've gotten that, copy all the data from your current card (booting the module up in USB mode with it connected to a computer) by dragging and dropping all contents onto the new card.

The next bit is easy but some care should be used to swap cards out. Take all the screws off and open the module, the card will be located under the screen to left hand side (if memory serves me right) apply a small amount of pressure to the PCB to bend it a small amount to access the card, swap out, put the casing and screws back and your good to go.

You can always leave the copying of the data until after the card swap by booting in USB mode, formatting the card and then copy content of previous card onto it.

Good luck!

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Thanks so much.  I will start by tackling the SD card and let you know how things go.



I had the same issue.  It suddenly stops playing any sounds.  The only thing I can do is power cycle the module.
BTW, the Speedlight kit doesn't have an SD card so those links aren't applicable.

I'd love to know the solution to this, it's happened twice to me so far.  I've since done a full factory restore and seems to have stabalized.

Best of luck and keep us updated if you learn more.

Deve Loper


"BTW, the Speedlight kit doesn't have an SD card so those links aren't applicable."

Oh yes, it does. Just not externally accessible.



Really?  So does this mean I can pop the case and install a larger SD card?



yes you can, but anything larger than 4gb should not be accessed via USB connected mode. Hence the 32gb card reader modification was mounted outside to be able to take card out, make any changes, place back in and turn module on without any USB connection. Trying to access a card larger than 4gb via USB is bad! I am told can actually cause damage to the unit. The card reader modification can be purchased here:
My Hovercraft is full of Eels!


Quote from: dmlove on March 18, 2023, 06:10:09 PMThanks so much.  I will start by tackling the SD card and let you know how things go.

Did getting a new SD Card work for you?  I am having the same problem and we use it at our church.

Thank you