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Millenium Hi-Hat on drumIt 3

Started by Dkarl, March 05, 2023, 09:53:30 AM

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Hi all,
I just bought a Millenuim H-Hat that is excatly the same as my original speedlight kit ( shape, aspect, plugs...) ref of this item is D 202109. When I plug it to the DI3 I have no way to get the settings OK.
Do someone in this forum already faced this situation ? If so what can be the solution to makes it working ?
Thanks to all for your help.
All Best !


Okay, I am guessing here. But the original speedlight hihat works on the "2box" hihat type, i.e. the Hall Sensor. Whereas, with the Millennium hihat might need one of the other types, Roland perhaps? Forgive me, I cannot remember the types which are available on he Di3.
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As said on the 2box FB group. Huaxin have made two versions of the hi-hat. One 2box edition with a hall sensor and one with IR sensor. I am pretty sure that the Millennium edition is the IR version. (Same technology as ATV is using on hh) 

I have both these hi-hats, one when evaluating the speedlight hh a couple of years ago - and then someone was kind of enough to send me the IR version for free - and hoping that I could make conversion module for it)

They look exactly the same from the outside.

The IR version will probably not work without any electronic adoptions. (It needs power and is probably totally out of range for the 2box hh input)

Best regards

Anders /

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