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factory reset

Started by vincentsermonne, February 16, 2023, 12:43:13 PM

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I would like to reset the 2box three module to factory settings in order to sell it. What is the best method if any? Thanks for your help!



To factory reset the module - just select and use the DrumItInit.dkit instead.

To change between different kit files - check the manual - page 10 at the bottom.
(This is the hard way to learn! 🙂)
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The reason I'm asking here on the forum is that the manual doesn't tell me clearly about this factory reset, maybe it's my imprecise english. I've tried loading the ini file found on the site but there's an error message telling me that there are no samples. I'd deleted quite a few samples to make room for my own. Ergonomics are clearly not 2box's strong point. Maybe the drumit 5 is different... for me, it's the 3.
Well, I'm going to tinker with it or sell it as is.