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Speedlight setup questions - Advice

Started by Mr80s, January 30, 2023, 06:40:12 PM

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Hello All,

I'm the proud new owner of a brand new Speedlight kit.  However, I've gone through the manual and videos and have a few questions.  Hoping the forum may have the answers...

1) It's a 2box HH, but I can't seem to calibrate it to the recommended setting of the manual.  In particular the RAW value barely changes using the screwdriver and does not reach the range of 600-650 as stated in the manual

2) My kick, I'm using my old pedal from my Alesis set (with a new beater).  However, after adjusting and fiddling, I can't seem to stop an "echo" or ghost kick from sounding.  When I kick hard it's almost like a double kick pedal.  The beater is not striking twice but there's a definite second hit a couple of milliseconds behind.   What's the suggestion for getting rid of this? I've tried different kick settings in the unit menu...

3) Is it me or is the Ride a little wonky?  I'm hitting the edge of the ride but getting deep loud sounds (not edge shots, more like a loud crash).  Perhaps my 3 zone settings are messed up on it?

4) Got to say, using the Drumit Editor is WAY easier than manually configuring the module.   However, how do you save to empty banks?  I can create new (copy existing kit to say 99 and then edit.  but I can't create a new empty E1 kit

5) As mentioned in another post, there's no search or filter on the sounds download page.  I can't simply search for snare or kick, etc...  Also, those are some old files...any new ones?LOL.

Lastly, it's a great kit, but the 4 GB memory (not expandable) is already biting me in the butt.  I can't add new sounds as it's out of space.  I have to delete and then add.  Any suggestions?  I'm guessing not as it's built-in 4GB....  don't even get me going on the USB 1 speeds LOL.

Cheers all!


Answered my own question about "double kick sounds".  It's masking setting on Page 51.  Gonna go give that a try LOL!!


Yes 4gig is small, not so small you can have a few decent kits, say 5 ish, depending on how big their sounds are, which is relatable to how many layers.

From experience, I mod'd the original drumit5 to have 32 gig and withing weeks it was almost full. Which lead to another problem (to do with me rather than the unit) Having so many sounds, I was always second guessing my favourites and was doing more fidding with kits than playing. So there's that, but this is likely to be a me thing.

3. The ride thing? I am assuming you mean the Randy Black (I think it's 2) ride? Yeah that edge is horrible! While the bell and the bow sounds are lovely. Pretty damn sure the ride it's samples of is a Ziljian Earth Ride, I used to own one, and I never crashed it for that reason, but as a metal ride, it's great with an awesome "ting" to it.

My advice is to get the Lustark software, (think it's called DSNDtool or something) where you can edit sounds with more detail than what's in the editor. Adjust zone volumes, I believe even add reverb to a dry sound, it's pretty slick.

Yeah a search function would be nice, I used scroll through all the sounds on my computer, while making notes of sounds I like to recall later.

I did this by copying the whole Drumit3 card contents (or any of the module cards) to a location on the Mac, open Drumit app, tell it where to look for .dkit file (in the folder) and voila, offline prevewing of any DSND sound I either made myself, or got from 2box site.

Its not quite the same as playing it from a pad, but you'll get an idea, certainly a better one from just a name alone.


Go to the "sharing sounds" section of this forum, I have my personal Tama Starclassic Maple kit sampled free to download. I have yet to do a crash and a hihat, I will get around to it at some point but 5 toms, kick, 2 snare crash and a ride is up there.

Toms have two versions, rimshot and rim versions. There's a little bit of room ambience baked in, at some point I will do totally dry versions (this is generally better for live work)

Hope you enjoy!
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Thanks for the detailed reply!

Appreciate the input and I've already read your other posts and downloaded the sounds (I even downloaded the entire content of the 2box site (except some folders are protected so you don't get all 670+ sounds) LOL.

My ride trigger is messed up (I think defective out of the box).  Using the Unit-Trigger screen you can see what zones trigger when you hit the bell, bow and rim.  Sadly hitting the bell will trigger a 1, a 4 and and 8 sometimes.  Same with the other zones.   I can even hear it triggering when I'm not even touching the set.

It's a great kit and I'm like you always fiddling and tweaking to get the "right" sounds.

I'll give that DSNDTool, sounds like it would be of interest.

I've reached out to 2box support about the ride guess, will have to get a new one.



Ah, so you're aware of my own samples. Okay no worries.

Hmmm the ride, it's hard to assess without being behind it. The intermittent triggering could be a loose piezo, cross talk settings set wrongly, or something else.

The triggering when not even being played, is its like a "buzz" of notes or the odd random note? Check the gain isn't too high and the threshold too low.

Could also be cable issues, you do need TRS on the ride and (I believe) the proper trig type is the Yamaha one (99% sure of that) based on the fact it's a single cable and not a dual cable like Roland.
My Hovercraft is full of Eels!


I'm going to delve much deeper into the settings.  There's a lot to learn and tweak with this kit.   I think sometimes I maybe doing more harm than good! LOL

As for the triggering when not even at the set, it's actually sounding like someone has hit the ride. It's a clear ride sound, triggered all on its own.  Guessing a loose piezo...

BTW, all cables are straight from the box.  As in they all came with it, all 100% 2Box cables and kit.

However, last night while just went entirely dead on me. Mid-song, power still on but no pads or cymbals or anything would make a sound.  Had to power-cycle it.  Anyone else experienced that, just dead but with power mid-song?

I'm thinking perhaps it got damaged somehow in shipping (Germany to Canada)...who knows.