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Is this a known issue? Re:The three turn/push dials under the lcd screen

Started by drumguy777, January 21, 2023, 03:14:21 AM

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Hi guys, 2box hasn't replied to my email about this and not much comes up on a Google search...

You know those three rotary dials under the lcd screen? The left one (to scroll through kit presets or whatever else) is behaving oddly. When I scroll through, say, kits, the selection will skip forward, backwards, and will generally go crazy sometimes. Sometimes it skips dozens of numbers... And sometimes it's fine. Probably happens half the time I use the dial.

Is this a known issue?


My old drumit5 (the original model) used to do that, was annoying AF... I don't know if the Mk2 does it, not sat behind one to have a check. I don't own the module anymore, I sold it to a friend. He only ever uses one kit so doesn't need to scroll through it to notice.

So while I am not sure if it's a common issue, but mine used to do it. What I used to do was carefully scroll one by one. That would stop the skipping backwards instead of the intended forwards. But yeah, it's annoying.
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I believe it was a worn out encoder. Have it also on my old mk1. For now I just turn them slow to select. There is another topic about this issue:


Sounds about right.

Btw, I have some of those pots lying about if you need them. Would be quicker I should think than trying to get new ones from 2box themselves, send me a PM if you're interested.

My Hovercraft is full of Eels!