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Need sound come out!

Started by Yots77, January 20, 2023, 11:24:27 AM

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Hi all,
I'm having a big issue today. I switched the module on this morning, apparently everything looks ok, but no sound comes through the headphones. I obviously tried different headphones, but thats not the issue. I also tried routing the module through a mixer and tried to listen from there. Still nothing. If I hit the different drums the module will recognize which piece I'm hitting, so it is triggering, just no sound comes out! The sounds are still on the card. Anybody have any ideas?


Can you access the card? As in, it is a drumit5 Mk2 *with the cardslot or do you have the 32gig mod on the drumit5 or Drumit3?

If so, do you have the means to view it's contents on a computer?

If you cannot access the card, have you tried booting up the Module in USB mode, to see if all the files are still readable. That's what I would do first.
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It's drumit3 and I havent done the mod yet. I'll try booting in usb mode and see what happens. Thanks for the tip