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Wanted - hi hat part

Started by sylrider, December 17, 2022, 03:45:47 AM

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Hi everyone,

I think I lost one part of my hi-hat in a recent move.
it's the screw that is supposed to tighten the clutch of the hi hat.

Do you know where I could buy it?



Do you mean the moving magnet piece, from the original Drumit5 hihat? If so, pretty sure it's not an unusual thread spec, so a standard eye-wing nut would work. You'd need to go to a hardware store and try some out for size.
Maybe email 2box, they may have some spares. Failing that, keep an eye on eBay, hihats/cymabls/pads etc often pop up. I know its a big thing to have to purchase just for a bolt/eye wing-nut, but without such, you're not gonna be able to use it.
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