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2Box recording using only MIDI

Started by telboy1965, October 13, 2022, 10:11:25 PM

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Hi all, noob question, I'm trying to record MIDI from the 2Box into a computer using EZ Drummer and Adobe Audition. Running through a Steinberg UR22-C. Using only MIDI out from the 2Box to the Steinbery MIDI input then USB from Steinberg to the Laptop. Using line outs from 2Box works just fine...any help appreciated. Cheers !!

Deve Loper

Hi. Try fiirst with the midi cable from di5 out to in, loopback.
Go to UNIT MIDI page and set local control off.
Then all trig msg are sent only via midi, so if that works, di5 is fine.
All other stuff you mention, I dont know.
Best, Deve.