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Schematics for Drumit Five?

Started by BradysDad, October 02, 2022, 09:45:31 PM

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Hey, all!

Just got a Drumit Five (first one, not the Mark II) and it was dead.   Turns out the power supply was bad.  Got a new 18v, 1A power supply, and got it running.

Problem is, the sounds are very faint and there is occasional super-loud high pitched squeal. Eventually, the sporadic squeal goes away and the all the other sounds remain very faint.  I'm thinking I need to recap the board. 

I found the schems here for the Three and Four models, but not for the Five. 

Would anyone have the schematics for this version of the Box so I'm not going in blind.

I was going to attach a pic of the board in question in case anyone knows for sure which caps to replace for volume but seems I can't post attachments here.  I'd suspect the ones closest to the output but would rather be certain.


Deve Loper

Hi Brady.
Did you test all outputs? The six main outputs are electrically all the same.
The hp output has an extra pair of transistors for each channel.

The volume pot uses a cap for dual slope AD conversion.

Please test on the UNIT OUT page by using diff routing and
selecting output without vol ctrl, those with !
Also on this page is top right an indicator for the vol pot value.



First off, I would re-load a few dsnd's to rule out that the issue is with the dsnds used. Also, I don't see how re-capping a unit that is 10 years old would help.


I did a fresh install of 1.30 on the formatted SD card - same results everywhere.

Found a derp moment, tho.  I ordered an 18v 1A AC to DC adapter.  Sigh.  Have the proper AC to AC coming today.  Hoping that's the problem here.

Krillo - do you not have schems for Five? 

Deve Loper

Ah! For sure, dc in to DrumIt will run everything (if it had neg pol on the barrel, pos on pin) except audio out.
It should not have killed anything, so hope you're ok with 18 v ac in.


Yup that was it.  DC, as you said will power it all up and let it operate but the AC drives the sounds.

Thanks, all!