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Strange problem with Roland TD-17 kit

Started by porl99, April 17, 2022, 10:42:06 AM

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Hi, bit of a last resort as I wonder if I have bought a dud Drumit5 Mk1 module or something!  I'm trying to use it with my Roland TD-17 kit.  Cymbals work perfectly (not the hi-hat yet) but the drums don't.  I don't get any audio out of them at all.  I know they are triggering as the relative button on the 2Box module lights up when I play the drum, just no audio.  As I say this isn't the case with the cymbals which sound amazing.  Is there something very obvious I am doing wrong??  Many thanks

Deve Loper

Check volume / routing. See...

Kit mode, drum page, volume (per drum)
Unit mode, mix page, vol in the mix (global)
Unit mode, intf page, bus assign for individual out (per drum)
Unit mode, out page, set which bus goes to which out (global)

Cheers, Deve.


I'd need to know more information. But you may not have any sounds attached that those channel. If you press any of the buttons (kick snare hhat toms etc) do you hear anything there?
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Many thanks to both of you I really appreciate your help.  I am new to the module so I guess was just expecting 'plug in and play'.  Anyway, I have changed the 'bus' setting as suggested by Deve to 7+8 and that seems to have solved the problem.  Many thanks again, the module sounds fantastic so far, far superior to the Roland TD17 I had been using.  Now for some further experimentation!