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Mounting Di5 Mk2 to Mk1 rack

Started by Koskis, September 24, 2022, 04:14:20 PM

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So...I bought the Di5 Mk2 module and will keep the old Mk1 orange beast + rack hardware. Mk2 module has this strange plastic horn/tube on the backside of the module and does not fit to Mk1 rack clamps. Does anyone know good solution for fitting the module to Mk1 rack?



Do you mean the mounting plate, similar (if not the same) as the kind you see on Roland Modules/SPDX type of devices? If so, just grab a standard Drum rack multi clamp (the kind to mount tom mounts and cymbal arms)
That would work.
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Yep, The MK1 module has a mounting plate and a rod on it that fits to the 2box (old) rack tom clamps.

It sounds like the new plastic mounting plate "rod" is compatible with standard tom mounts. I'll look for those clamps - thanks!


I came back to this thread and realised what you meant!

When I had a Mk1 Module, I mounted to the hihat stand with a Tama clamp.That rod went into a normal Cymbal arm fine.

The clamp was a Tama MC56 universal clamp:

Here's the best pic I have of it, it's not a good pic but hopefully you can get an idea.

My Hovercraft is full of Eels!