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Roland kit for sale

Started by Tristan, November 07, 2010, 12:20:57 PM

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I have a Roland TD8 for sale if anyone's interested, with some extra pads that I've added over the years. 

Here's a description of what I have:


4 x 8" mesh head pads (of which 1 is dual trigger)
1 x 8" kick pad
3 x 8" solid rubber pads, all dual trigger - these were the original hi-hat and cymbal pads. 
1 x hi-hat pedal
TD8 module -


14" snare pad - I made this using an old snare shell, a mesh head, and a roland dual zone trigger.  This makes it much more realistic to play as the snare pad is now full size.
1 x Roland CY5 cymbal pad (
1 x  Roland CY8 cymbal pad (

All of this comes on a rack.  There are holders for all of the toms and hi-hat, however the two cymbal arms aren't the original ones so it's a bit mix and match on that front.

I'm looking for £600 for it, which reflects the mix and match stands and the fact that I need a quick sale due to an impending house move!  Others are currently going for well over that on eBay.  Also, I'm based in Surrey.

Message me or email me tristan.odwyer at gmail dot com if you're interested.