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Lemon hi hat

Started by dtree, July 13, 2022, 12:35:59 AM

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Does anyone have a lemon hi hat? I just got one and I'm really having trouble getting it calibrated. I've read the manual and watched the YouTube video on calibrating the hi hat and still can't get it right. When I select DEF as the hi hat type I can't adjust the raw value. When I go into the calibration process I always get no change. I'm using stereo cables. I've tried unplugging the hi hat and controller, turning the module off, then turning it back on, then plugging in the cables. No matter what I do I can't get a closed sound. I can't get a "chick" when I close the pedal. I feel like I've hit a wall here. Any help would be most appreciated.


Ok problem solved. It needs to be set up as an Alesis. Raw value is 842. POFF is 26872. PFACT is 60. HHPOS off. I have a nice "chick" with the foot pedal and can get a good splash. I will play around with the POFF & PFACT when I have more time but right now it is working well.


FWIW, I ran into the same thing with my VH-11.  DEF does nothing, and will not respond to any hihat movement.  Had to use the Alesis.  Sent a message to 2Box support email but haven't heard anything.