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Mimic Pro multilayer sample editor

Started by edcito, July 09, 2022, 08:14:53 AM

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Pearl leaked last night a new update containing a multilayer sample editor, it has been removed already but someone managed to download it and made a video about it, you can now import up to 300 multilayer samples, sorry 2box, you are now officially behind:

here some playing of the Hansa library:


Yeah it's funny they somehow spilled the news out by accident after hyping it (which was also a silly idea) inviting overly excitable forum fans to test your products is also a bad idea. They should be inviting beta testers who respect NDAs but maybe Pearl is also partly responsible.

On the topic; yup I think the reign of 2box might be over as the best open source drum module however I think there is still a good market value in 2box. It's TD50X owners and especially GEWA G9 owners who have just lost their investments.

It's still early days but I'd like a few more details before I jump ship, just to get an idea of what it's true capabilities would be.


Just so you know, they do have a small set of Beta testers for things like that. And they do keep future developments very much under wraps. Which must be awfully frustrating when Facebook lights up with people criticising the lack of features they know are coming on a future update.
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So true Steve. From a corporate  point of view, it must be difficult ! They are seeing the bigger picture all the time, and know the "real deal" in reference to updates and new products. They have to leak enough to peak interest, but we, the public, are very impatient, and unforgiving, when it comes  to release dates, amd wanting info on news we are not privy to. I guess when we are sitting in our living room, criticizing  big companies like Pearl, Roland, etc, maybe we should be less critical. After all, I , myself, dont own a multi million dollar company , just a couple of sets of drums. Lol!


Let's be more specific please, as that would be giving Pearl benefit of the doubt, by suggesting they leaked (by intention) information to peak interest. The update file however, was very much available to download and then pulled offline shortly afterwards. That is not a leak, that's a mistake.

An impatient and unforgiving public (to steelman that idea) would be a neurotic audience. They will only get agitated with leaks. i.e. They know the update exists, are not allowed to have it, and now can't discuss it properly. To Pearl I'd say it's better not to leak anything.

To clarify, I don't believe the beta testers are leaking info, but forum enthusiasts are beta testing. That responsibly is linked irrevocably. The issue of agitation exists here as well - I don't think those individuals do a good job hiding that link.


I guess only Pearl can answer whether it was leaked by mistake or just a little tease . Either way, again, we are not privy to that information. When the Update is here, it is here! No sense in over analyzing this as it won't accomplish anything. I look forward to it, and I, myself,  would probably jump ship from 2 Box to Mimic. This Ddrum module , way out  on the horizon,  sounds interesting too! Because my current 2 box modules work great, I can wait for sure!


Well analysis paralysis is my tagline!  ;D

My only frustration is that the Mimic Pro has just become highly desirable for open source 2box drummers.

If I'd known about an instrument editor last year I would probably own a Mimic Pro right now as I was on a knife edge with my initial decision. But the rules were clear at the time - buy what's available now, not what may (or may never) happen in the future. Ignorance is bliss, as the saying goes.

Saying that, I've had so much fun with 2box and SDSE.


Position sense is now sent on CC16, let's see if it can compete with roland...

Download the manual for the update here:

New things:
Ver 1.4.18
- hi-hat control updated to mute all long voices if hat is closed hard
- custom user instruments support added (instrument editor support)
- Lemon 18-inch ride cymbal support added - Lemon 9/11/13/15 cymbals presets added - Lemon NL1 preset added
- ATV AD13s snare trigger added, new trigger algo with position sense
- ATV AD13s preset - more natural response on upper velocity on reasonable high input gain (eg 13).
- PosSense inverse button added to ATV AD13s trigger preset (allows to work with center piezo snare pads)
- ATV AD13s preset: rim input signal meter overload indication added - ATV AD13s preset velo curve\input gain updated
- "play one song and stop" button added to song player;
- Song player now saves\restores loop points per song in current playlist
- song player now plays 48khz wave files at normal speed
- Hi-hat CC4 is sent on the same midi channel as hi-hat bow note
- Position Sense CC16 is sent/received on CC16 (MIDI out)
- Instrument Phase button added to mixer/mic tab;
- one-shot waves are now not limited in length (you can load a song into drum slot and trigger it)
- new "Wave & Mute" instrument type added: select it if you need an ability to mute the one shot (with rim click)
- aftertouch MIDI message is sent for cymbal chokes (same as on Roland modules)


Update is live now, I guess the great lustark will have a busy weekend...
A big letdown: the instrument editor won't support hihats...


I just hope Lustar is okay, I haven't seen him active on here since 12 May.

But yes, SDSE support for the Mimic Pro editor (however that materialises) would be very beneficial.

I think the critical things would be disabling the hihat export. Adding snare center, side, rimclick, sidestick, rimclick, rimshot side in 1-stage. Adding choke rings to the cymbal exports.

As it stands now, the manual export can work fairly well I think.


I tried the cc16 with SD3 and EZD3 this morning, the mimic works best with EZD3 since it needs only center and edge sounds, one can clearly hear center and edge articulations played accurately whereas with SD3 you have 3 zones but the transition among them is not great with the mimic, it jumps from off-center to edge, I remember you could select how many zones you wanted but now I can't find how to do that. Anyway, standalone works great with an efnote 14" snare, smooth transition between center and side sounds.


The MIDI part still sucks, there's no way of changing anything but the note, no midi thru, no local control and the aftertouch is only sent and not received, lots of missing stuff still.