2Box Drumit 5 MK1 complete kit + VH10 and Zourman (plus more extras) For Sale UK

Started by jamie2408, May 23, 2022, 11:34:05 AM

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Hi all,

I hope this finds you well.

I am selling my beloved 2box drumit 5 MK 1 (complete kit, all fully functional).
Its in good condition and comes with the following extras:

1 x Roland VH10 hihat
1 x Zourman VH10 converter box
1 x Yamaha PD135 3 zone ride cymbal & cymbal boom stand
1 x KD9 Roland kick drum pad
1 x Daimond drums 13 inch 2 zone snare drum (in oyster swirl)

I would consider splitting the extras if you only wanted the kit, but ideally I would like to sell everything on one go.
In my opinion the VH 10 upgrade , along with the KD9 kick pad elevate this kit massively.

I am in Essex UK, but may be able to deliver (within reason :) ).

If you are interested drop me a message  (I will supply you with full pics of everything).


Open to (sensible)offers.

Many thanks