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3 Zone snare with BT-1

Started by edcito, April 11, 2022, 07:04:46 AM

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So if I want to use a BT-1 for x-sticks with a dual zone mesh snare I lose the rimshot sound? Because the manual says when you assign a sound to the perc part you will trigger this sound, so if I assign a crosstick on another input will I lose the rimshot sound? I'm confused after all this years... also which midi note is assigned to this x-stick? I seem to remember that the 2box doesn't send 37 for xstick but only 38 for center and 40 for rimshots. The BT-1 will be splitted with a tom input.


Oh I get it now, since the BT-1 is connected to another channel I won't lose the rimshot sound. I was mixing assigning sounds with drum channels... It is confusing since drum-tec still announces the 2box has 15 trigger inputs but doesn't say there are actually 10 and that you will lose the rims on the toms/snare when you use splitters to add 5 additional pads/cymbals to the perc channels...

So with the unofficial 1.40 OS from the fame hybrid module there  hasn't been any updates to the midi front? how about that new ENV2 page someone discovered that had "TRIGP"}"Rim/Cross"?