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Broken 2box cymbal loose cable repairable?

Started by boekhour, July 21, 2022, 01:58:56 PM

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Hello, after years coming back here, my old username didn't exist anymore so I made the same one.

Anyway with some enthousiast hitting one cymbal stopped working, A cable has come loose, see attached picture. Does a simple soldering job help or does it not. I see some insulation material under the soldering point at the loose cable. That material has been broken of from the cymbal itself as you can see at the picture. Is this repairable?

What is a good alternative cymbal from another brand for the 2box?

Deve Loper

Hi. Looks like a bir of the white / inner circle of the piezo came off where it was soldered.
Maybe (?) you can solder the wire again on another part of that inner circle.
Otherwise and better, new piezo.
Best, Deve.
Ps. Ben je Nederlander..?