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3-zone crash cymbals

Started by BlackJack, March 22, 2022, 03:25:24 PM

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I've been using a Drumit 3 module with Roland pads for several years and want to buy 2 new crashes to take advantage of the 3-zone triggering.
I'm thinking the obvious choice would be to get 2Box Ride cymbals..........

Does anyone have an opinion on these regarding playability (or quality) ?

Any alternative suggestions?
I see Yamaha PCY-135 being highly recommended (but can only see 1 jack socket....)
Also Gewa CP-14 (starting to get pricey)
The Roland 13R might be an alternative but I'm not very keen on it for playability. (compared to the 15R, which is expensive!)



I have a complete set of Yamaha cymbals - they're very good and reasonably priced compared to Roland.


Thanks - I'm particularly wanting to get the 3 zones on the crash cymbals - bell, as well as bow and edge sounds. 
Are yours the 'PCY' series and do they have 2 cables like Roland's CY-15?
I don't understand how they can have 3 zones if they only have one stereo output, which is all I can see in photos...


Yamaha PCY cymbals work on a Piezo/Switch/Switch method. The switches are on the bell and edge and are distinguished via a resistor on one of them for the module to know which has been activated. All from one TRS cable.

Using the CymPY (I think it's called, I might be wrong) if the sound is a ride, will give you bell bow edge and choke. If a crash with a bell articulation, will give you that too.

Note, if you strike the cymbal in-between of the bell and the bow, especially with the shoulder of the stick, you will get the edge sound. This is a common thing, it happens with my PCY cymbals on an Edrumin too. So as long as you're accurate, will not be a problem. But just thought I should let you know while it's great, its not perfect but then, what is?
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You should also check out Lemon, affordable cymbals with good value.


OK, thanks WelshSteve - that makes complete sense.  I didn't know about the inner workings.

And Halftime - I'm going to have to do a bit of research on YouTube.  (Never been advised to buy a Lemon before...:-)

(Has that joke already been used? ::)

So what about Gewa?  Anyone played their cymbals?


No, but I have seen reviews of the G9 kit and the cymbals seems to suffer badly from a hotspot issue. The Yamaha's do to, but way more tolerable. Besides, I saw someone add a couple of piezo internally to Yamaha cymbals to make them 360, was cheap and very easy to do. I am considering doing this at some point. But as the hotspot is not really an issue with the rotation stopper, it's just an exercise of "what if?"
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