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Lost ride only on first 2 kits studio 1 and 2 only

Started by Slamstick, March 29, 2022, 05:35:05 PM

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Hi drummers . On my Drumit 5 Mk2,  somehow I have lost my ride on my first two 2 kits,  Studio 1 and 2 and it reads    _ _ ! How do I fix that in the settings? It works on every kit and all my other sd cards so I hit something by mistake in the settings in these 2 Kits only . Any idea what I did or need to do


If I understand this correctly, your ride selection in those two kits has been lost for some reason. Go to the KIT-DRUM view, hit the ride pad and then use the dial to select a sample. Then press SAVE to save the changes. If you can't find the ride sound that you had before, maybe you have accidentally moved or deleted it when managing the memory card contents?