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Yamaha RHH135 Hi-Hat no half-open

Started by Rich13, January 07, 2022, 10:33:11 AM

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Hi, and happy new year.

I'm using a Yamaha RHH135 Hi Hat Pad/Controller with my Drumit 3 module.
I find it extremely hard to get a half-open hi hat sound, does anyone have any ideas, or should I be looking at a different Hi Hat Controller?


I recently bought a drumit3 and also have problems with my RHH135 hi-hat.
Its realy hard to get a good and realistic feel moving from open to close.
Have you been using the screw driver adjustment. When I did that I came closer to something that works.
Now I actually use my old dtxpress 4 module for the hi-hat and send MIDI to the drumit3. This works better than triggering the hi-hat from The drumit module.