Author Topic: Drumit5-MKII-Module / Yamaha-RHH135 / Snare:Doubletrigger & Zones / CYMB 1B - 3B  (Read 135 times)


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Hello all!  :)

I'm a fresh 2box user and I'm just trying to switch from Roland modules to the Drumit5 MKII module (current OS), unfortunately not without problems and the manual is also no real help. Therefore I hope to find help here ...

-HiHat: I have a Yamaha RHH135 hihat connected to the module with 2 stereo cables (according to the manual), but I hear only the open sound and no chick or any closed sounds. When I kick the HH I see that the values RAW change (I can’t hear anything though). Do I have to activate something in the module that I have not yet discovered?

-Snare (#1): I have connected a DIY snare with 2 Piezos to the module (one for the rim, one for the meshhead ... similar to the Drumtec snare construction) and selected “PadP” – hoping to 2 zones for the pad. With my Roland modules, this also works, but the Drumit shows me only "1" under Zone and I can't adjust that to "2" ... even if I choose other pads, it doesn't change anything. Again, the question, what do I need to do to get 2 zones?

-Snare (#2): I "suffer" from double triggers ... already have the gain at 0 and still double triggers (the meshead is super-tight nad needles to say, not having the problem with my Roland module (TD-20 by the way) ... even if I change the threshold it doesn't help. Is my snare too "hot" for the Drumit trigger input? What can I do to get this to work?

-CYMB 1B - 3B: I'm afraid I already now the "solution" to the problem here, but I just wanted confirmation if this is actually the case (since I can't really believe it): You can use these 3 inputs exclusively as cymbal bells or similar of the cymbals connected to CYMB 1A - 3A and not as freely assignable/additional input channels, right?

I thank you in advance for your help (and I hope I didn't miss anything helpful in the manual or the forum  ;))!

Many thanks and best regards,



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-HiHat: Not entirely sure about the Yamaha RHH135 as it uses hardware stepped resistance. Can you see the hihat icon changing as you move through the pedal range, after calibration? Try a different HTYP.

-Snare (#1): By default the snare and rim zone are tied to the selected instrument unless you unbind them by holding MORE and the pressing SNARE, then turn the left knob to select the instrument on that zone. Another thing you could check is to make sure the selected instrument actually has 2 zones i.e ++ not +_ on the 2nd page. Just to be sure, you said you selected "PadP" as the input type... it should say "PadPP" for piezo/piezo.

-Snare (#2): Make use of GAINR (if available) and (increase) MASK. You might need to cool it down, maybe. Are you able to hit a 0.0 dB with gain 0? That should indicate whether you need to consider cooling.

-CYMB 1B - 3B: Correct, these are channels on the same input - so you cannot split them. 2box is only wired for switch sensor on channel B. So if the switch is closed on channel B it still requires a piezo signal from channel A to trigger the 3rd zone. A switch triggered independently without a piezo waveform does nothing.
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