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O-Ring Replacement 15mm x 2mm or smaller?

Started by tonyjross, October 04, 2021, 01:20:38 AM

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G'day all,

No idea what happened to my original account from 2013 but anyway ....

I just moved my 2Box Drumit 5 around in my house and noticed the O-Rings on the Snare were broken or perished.

A quick search on here revealed they could be replaced with 15mm x 2mm rings but since I only had O-ring kit laying around the nearest thing was 13mm x 1.9mm.

These seem to be working ok, so I'm not sure if I should buy a bulk lot of 15x2 or smaller?





You can virtually buy an O ring kit for what stores charge for 1. Ive done the same as you on nearly all my pads, if they fit and work its fine just dont buy the original ones they are just not worth it, kits will always be available but check all of them as you will most likely need to replace more.


I ended up buying 100 15mm x 2.4mm red coloured o-rings on eBay for around $8 AUD shipped. They worked fine and I have plenty of spares now for the future (In another 10 years probably).