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Hi Hat Rating

Started by Stircrazy32, March 01, 2022, 11:41:28 PM

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Hey Stoked 2
  Yes He will. but my problem is that i have to use a cable hi Hat due to space and it wont take a heavy cymbal. Plus i dont have a sacrificial cymbal . Are they that much better than Roland?. The triggering isnt really all that bad . Id like to find a better hi hat control. Ive been going crazy with this Roland controller only to figure out it only has 4 actual positions.Right? I thought it was gradual continual resistance . Thats been what Im trying to over come Cant be done . Right. ? It sounds a lot better now that I know what to expect. So a Hall senser type HH is more sensitive? I have a 2box HH I wonder if Extreme would gut that and rewire to a groovie cymbal. That sounds like progress. Or am I wrong again?


hi just retried my old 2box HH and it works the same as the Roland controller only 4 positions. Guess you already knew that at least I wont waste any more effort  . But how come i cant trigger 2 zone sounds  bow or edge. on either set up? never worked . Is it even possible? all i get is bow. edge triggers bow sound. Is there a setting I missed?


What hihat cymbal are you using?

If its the hihat with the speed light, that's a single zone hihat. As for positions, you should be getting way more than 4 levels of open/closed. I got a Roland FD6 and on a edrumin/pearl mimic you can see the gradual open to close. On the 2box, what might look 4 levels is actually more, I am assuming you're looking at the screen, which will approximate the transitions due to the limitation of the screen resolution, but you do get way more than that.
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hi Welsh Steve. I just retested both HH setups . I got my 2boxHH 2.5 yrs  ago. It has perf edge and  i plugged it into tom1 and it triggers 2 zones. But when i try it as a HH only one zone . I lowered the Raw value by100 and raised the poff and now   5 distintive changes (gained one) not gradual but i take your word for it. It sounds good either controller. The Roland /Lemon HH Is the same as far as the controller I  see and hear 5 positions . and I only get 2 zones when the sound is set like *  * . Some sound files re-act differently But the best is 15 Groove . Thanks in advance for any Help. This really has been over 2 years but I was winging it in the dark. Maybe if i try a factory reset? or update the OS?  Right now Im trying to decide which contoller is better for 2box .their hall sensor or the Roland reostate. I hear no differance. I'm considering having ExtremeDrums refit a cymbal with the 2box hall sensor. But only if it'll be noticably better than Roland type. Ps my old elisis pedal did nothing. dead end


Hibthere. Haven't been in until a while and saw your posts. I see Steve gave you some answers and also that you seem to have found your own solution or improvement anyway. Hopebitvis working ok for you


Hi I tried one more thing using the HHPOS If i go from off to full (30) I only hear 4 different sounds .It goes from 1-30 and every 7 or 8 clicks the sound changes. Im old but my hearing is still good. If thats all there is its ok as I said Over all the sound is pretty good. Im just trying to squeeze the most out of it.


 Hi Stoked 2 . Im closing in on a solution .The unwanted sound when i come off the pedal is annoying but that may be mechanically related. Will know that once I reset onto a floor HH stand. see if that helps.this cable drive HH is sluggish (low end brand) and theres a lot of shifting between the HH Pad and controller. Thanks for checking in. Ive learned a lot in the past 2 weeks and its helped with tweaking the whole kit.


 Hello again I have a question.. Thats driving me sideways. A while back I was trying to use the program dial in reverse. I hit more and program at the same time and  now whenever I turn on the module kit # 75 comes up .No matter where i left off. Thanks in advance for help


hi all (I also live on long island new york) I'm using the older Yamaha PCY135 with the Drumit3 and both zones work well - gain set at 10. Using older Yamaha foot controller feels very real but the mid sounds have only a very narrow movement range. 2Box really needs to correct these hi hat issues it's the only real issue that holds it back from going against the big guys.