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ddrum4edit sound file editing tool (New Release 1.01.00)

Started by kenjwright, January 06, 2023, 07:31:33 AM

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Greetings ddrummers!

Wishing a Happy New year to you all!

With the new year comes a new release of ddrum4edit (1.01.00)! This version provides some new features (including a little sugar for 2Box cross-overs), enhancements, and bug squashing.

Highlights for this release (since 1.00.29);

  • Force a resample to 44100Hz if source wave file sample frequency is > 44100.
  • Added --layer toggle to apply layer parameters to extract and listen functions. This feature applies the embedded gain, pitch, and decay values in the sound file to the output to match how the ddrum4 module plays the sounds (excluding the realtime dynamic filters).
  • Added --aiff and --riff toggles to explicitly define the extract file format when only one or the other is desired (the default is both).
  • Reading/writing of the System & Pallet settings is now supported. Like Kits, the System & Pallet settings can now be dumped and exported to, and maintained in text based configuration files.
  • Smarter file recognition to automatically determine the various file types now used as input for printing, exports, configurations, etc.
  • The listen feature (--listen) now also includes support for playing AIFF, RIFF, and DSND (2Box) files.
  • ddrum4edit can now convert a ddrum4 sound file directly to a single zone 2Box dsnd file (--dsnd).

Cheers! and Enjoy!


Download Link for User Guide and ddrum4edit executables.

More Information on the ddrum forum.
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