Author Topic: Bug report: Unit settings not preserved after power cycle  (Read 72 times)


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Bug report: Unit settings not preserved after power cycle
« on: June 18, 2021, 06:34:11 PM »
I believe certain settings (maybe X-Trg) aren't being preserved between power cycles on my 2box Drumit5 mkII. Even if a working config is saved beforehand, I know some settings aren't being applied until I modify the unit settings.

Issue A) At buzzroll velocity (lowest) it will trigger rim articulations on the head instead. This is with the following config:

Trig            Type    Gain      Thresh   Mask   Curve   Xtalk   X-Trg   X-Adj
Snare         PadPP     8            -48       1      Norm    Low     LP      0dB 
Snare Rim   AcTr2     8            -34       8      Norm    Low     HP      12dB

There is nothing wrong with these settings, I have a perfectly calibrated rim piezo on my snare.

However upon cold booting the module, issue A returns until I change a unit setting like Xtalk strength (to Medium in this case). It might not matter which setting I change, but the moment I do, it seems like my Xtalk / X-Trg settings apply correctly and issue A disappears immediately.

So it seems like certain unit settings are not loaded correctly when the module is cold booted.

With issue A being the only thing I see affected, I'm suspecting it's the X-Trg settings that aren't being read upon booting, because the .dkit has them saved correctly. So I can only guess that the boot sequence is not recalling all the saved unit settings from the dkit file.

Hopefully this bug can be resolved in a new OS Version.  :)