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Fame Hybrid Pro
« on: January 31, 2021, 12:44:18 PM »
It seems 2box has been busy preparing and collaborating with music store to release a rebranded drumit 3 as brain of the  „Fame Hybrid Pro“ drumset. At 1199€, this is a serious contender for their own speedlight kit. Available from 5th of February.

„The Fame Hybrid Pro E-Drum Set is a professional E-Drum Kit with high-end module in the exclusive Simon Phillips and Marco Minnemann Edition.

With 12 separate trigger channels, 4 direct outputs and a song player, the Hybrid Pro module is built for professional drummers - and at an absolute sensational price!

There are 4 GB of flash memory available, which can be filled with sounds or WAV samples as desired. From the factory, the module contains over 400 exclusive multi-layer sounds, consisting of 12,500 individual samples recorded especially for MUSIC STORE professional by Simon Phillips and Marco Minnemann.

The open sound architecture allows for quick sorting and creation of kits, sounds and custom backing tracks with the help of a software editor. There are 100 kit slots in the Hybrid Pro, 40 of which are already populated with our own sounds. Each kit can be assigned a click and a song - perfect for live use.

All pads of the Fame Hybrid Pro E-Drum Set are equipped with mesh heads, snare and kick pad are 12", the toms 10". In addition to the three cymbal pads with 3-zone ride, there is a real hi-hat mounted on a Fame HH-9000 stand. The classic Fame FP-9001 single pedal is also included.