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Fame Hybrid Pro

Started by edcito, January 31, 2021, 12:44:18 PM

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It seems 2box has been busy preparing and collaborating with music store to release a rebranded drumit 3 as brain of the  ,,Fame Hybrid Pro" drumset. At 1199€, this is a serious contender for their own speedlight kit. Available from 5th of February.

,,The Fame Hybrid Pro E-Drum Set is a professional E-Drum Kit with high-end module in the exclusive Simon Phillips and Marco Minnemann Edition.

With 12 separate trigger channels, 4 direct outputs and a song player, the Hybrid Pro module is built for professional drummers - and at an absolute sensational price!

There are 4 GB of flash memory available, which can be filled with sounds or WAV samples as desired. From the factory, the module contains over 400 exclusive multi-layer sounds, consisting of 12,500 individual samples recorded especially for MUSIC STORE professional by Simon Phillips and Marco Minnemann.

The open sound architecture allows for quick sorting and creation of kits, sounds and custom backing tracks with the help of a software editor. There are 100 kit slots in the Hybrid Pro, 40 of which are already populated with our own sounds. Each kit can be assigned a click and a song - perfect for live use.

All pads of the Fame Hybrid Pro E-Drum Set are equipped with mesh heads, snare and kick pad are 12", the toms 10". In addition to the three cymbal pads with 3-zone ride, there is a real hi-hat mounted on a Fame HH-9000 stand. The classic Fame FP-9001 single pedal is also included.


It has OS 1.38 so if anyone wants to try this on their 2box ask 2box...


I wonder if the new OS version just contains tweaks to support the modifications that were made in the Fame module, like the changed button layout and the reduced inputs. I really wouldn't mind an update with some performance improvements, though.


Hello all,
I got the the Fame Hybrid pro set for my First footsteps into drumming in my Apartment. It's compatible with all 2box Sounds and it Sounds amazing. Just Out of curiousity i loaded the Firmware from the drumit's . It started but the Button Layout is Just messy. The whole Set is really worth it for the Money.


So installing the Fame OS on a DrumIt works, but not the other way round. It makes sense because the current DrumIt OS is older than the Fame OS, i.e. the Fame support was added to the latest version(s) of the OS.

Anyway, good to know you're happy with your kit!


Wow this game kit offers a lot for the money! Great value! Good luck with this kit. Awesome!


Thanks, it is really great! One thing If someone is interested.
It is the easiest Modul for the 32gb SD Card Mod. The Boards are all screwed on the Faceplate. So Just Take Out the 4 torx screws and the nuts from the i/o's . You can Lift the whole brain Out . The SD Card Slot is on the left Side and there is enough room to pull it Out without Take apart the whole unit. There is even a small lid on the SD Card to pull it Out even easier, Like they knew people will do it. Just Keep in mind that the USB Port will Not Work with 32gb Like all Others drumit Units. I loaded all 2box Sounds into it to Keep me busy but i will get an extender later.

Oh , and one thing. there is no warranty Sticker anywhere


bin auch noch nicht so lange dabei und habe mir jetzt das Upgrade gebraucht gegönnt.  ;D
würde gerne eine speicherkarte einsetzen nur weiß ich leider nicht bei welchen Standards wir da sind. die dich hatte 16 GB hat er nicht erkannt aber muss man oder sollte man sie vorher formatieren?

Gruß Dan


Hi Guys,

I am looking for to buy a Fame Hybrid Pro because multiple factors:
- Sound Kit (2Box)
- Multiple toms
- Multiple crash
- Real Hit Hat

The only thing stopping me is there are no review in any websites, or real testimonials from independant website, youtube demos, etc.

I see some people here bought this edrum, I would really love to have your feedback about things like :
- Tom quality
- Hit Hat response
- Crash response

Thanks for all Fame Hybrid Pro owner ;)

In the same time, I would like in the same price segment compare the Hybrid Pro to other products like Alesis Crimson 2, TD07 Roland or 2Box lightspeed.


Hi Dan, my Module supported a 32 GB Micro SD Card from Sandisk formatted in fat32 . But some cards didnt Work Out. 80mbit's worked but the 120mbit's didnt , same Brand.


Any chance for anyone who has hybrid pro, to share the stock sounds?


I'd be interested too if the stock sounds are different


Musicstore released Last week a Meinl Byzance Sound Pack with some extra cymbals / hihat Sounds free to Download on their Site.
another thing, a cheap SD Expander from amazon is working with the Hybrid pro modul perfectly.
Only Thing i noticed is, the Module lags If you are Not in the Programm menu. For example, when you are in the Sound Menu the Sounds will Trigger noticable later, i think the Module struggles to Update the Screen and Trigger Sounds at the same Moment, Just keep that in mind .

Deve Loper

"think the Module struggles to Update the Screen and Trigger Sounds at the same Moment"
That's why the kit prog page is "safe", it might do time or beat counter update,
but that's relatively little and not often.
I can confirm trig dispatch was, and still seems to be, the same processing thread as screen update.
(Trig detect is a higher level.)
Once it was on my todo list, but it's not on my table anymore so to speak...
Best, Deve.