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Yamaha RRH135 Hi-Hat - Programming/Calibration

Started by Carlosasoto, January 15, 2021, 12:31:54 AM

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I was able to calibrate the hi-hat following the programming instructions for the open and close positions. I have sound on the close position for the Hi-Hat works as well as the open position. But the middle position as I close it and open I do not. I can't seem to program the middle position as I close the Hi-Hat to obtain the "Chick" sound. As well as the middle position as I  open the Hi-Hat to obtain the "Sizzle" sound. Would you mind helping me out with this programming issue? Thank you.


Is it the same regardless which hihat sound you use?

It is a bit hard to guess the problem by just reading about it...maybe video could be useful what you experience? Normally if you have made calibration between closed an open...the rest of the sounds in between will follow in a smooth way.

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