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simmons sounds into 2 box video tutorial

Started by bezi waisberg, December 24, 2020, 08:07:09 PM

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bezi waisberg

can anybody show me a link with a video or a pdf archive  that explains on how to put simmons sounds(from a pc) to a 2 box module ? i have the drumit five orange finish,any help on that would be greatly apreciated,thanks....


The process is the same as ripping any sound from a VST into your Drumit5. If you know how to do that, it's the same method.
There are some simmons(ish) sounds in the 2box library though, assuming you 1. don't know that or 2. you do but you don't like them?
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bezi waisberg

hi Steve i tried once to connect my module to a notebook but it didnt recognize it,if you know any possible cause i´d like you to share with me to see if i can fix it,im thinking of buying new cables but it might be other stuff,also if you know any site that has "really" simmons sounds with real quality that would be cool to share here,thanks!....


Press the left data button above the screen when booting up the 2box module (this will set it to USB device mode) and with the USB cable attached between the PC and 2box module.

Now you can see and transfer data to the 2box module / it will show up as a normal hard disk drive on your PC.

Simmons sounds...:-)
There is a big pack of e-drums in the MKII library and you can find most of them under Sounds on the 2box site.

There is a real nice AdPak (Called Reel) for Addictive Drums which includes Simmons SDS-V kit. :-) And if You own this ADPak- these sounds can be transferred to 2box by using the SDSE tool from

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