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DrumIt5 MKII with 64gb Cards

Started by tsss27, October 30, 2020, 11:38:15 PM

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Deve Loper

Hi Chris. Good job!
DI5 doesnt care about boot flags. Just the 1st partition entry at the end of the 1st sector.
However, sd cards have certain erase block boundaries which should be taken into account for best performance.
I never tested more than 32 GB back in the days, but now I have.
Cheers, Deve.


1st of all, love the imagination with your username.

After posting the information I looked at the 32GB card with GParted and saw that lpa was the only flag. So that left me scratching my head. That said, I left the boot flag and it continues to work without any lag or distortion. I have no issues whatsoever. When I have more time all dd the 64 gig card and try to figure out why this is working so nicely, unless you already know.




As you might have seen in this thread (#6) We solved the issue and made a 64 Gb Sd card to boot and perform well on 2box. (2years ago) - the trick is to populate a 32GB SD card using FAT32 and the just extend the partition- which many partition programs on the market can do. Then you have a perfect working 64 GB system on your 2box. (However, Don't use the USB port after extending the SD card above 4GB)

If people does not want to fiddling around - I am selling pre-configured tested working SD cards and also complete kits with card cable extensions and everything set, installed and loaded for booting on 2box with 64GB - just plug and play!

Best regards

Anders /
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