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2box mk2 problem

Started by Spanner, March 17, 2021, 10:13:28 AM

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Hi guys, long time watcher but new poster.
Recently upgraded from original 5 to 5mk2. Purchased used from large retailer in UK and have some problems.
There seems to be a slight latency when playing. I have a/b with my older module and the new module just does not feel right?
When playing around the kit with buzz rolls etc there seems to be sudden drop outs of sound?
I have checked all cables and also had my friend (who is a music tech) test the kit.
What we have found is that after playing for 30 seconds -60 seconds there is an audio drop out. Could this be a card issue?
Should I send it back?
Thanks for any help


Hi, did you try with the same Unit settings on both modules? You could try copying your old DrumIt.dkit kit bank and kit to the new module and switch to it to see if it makes a difference. Another way would be to use my program DKit Manager to import your Unit settings to the new kit bank of the 5mk2.

It very much could be the SD card. Did you have the external SD card reader modification installed on the original DrumIt 5 and if so did you try the old SD card in the new DrumIt 5mk2?
If you didn't have the mod installed and you don't mind opening your original DrumIt 5 (it's quite safe there's a guide here) you could take its SD card and try it in your new 5mk2.


Thank you for the reply. Yes I manually input all of the trigger settings. It does not trigger as well as the original but I know from experience that I might need to tinker with the settings.
To be honest, I am reluctant to open up my old 2box and I am considering just sending the new unit back.
The advantages I had hoped for were to be able to use a Roland vh-10 hi and ease of building kits. I now realise that I am probably happy enough with the 2box hx and I rarely build kits (normally just trigger vst's when recording).
I have contacted 2box direct and if the issue is not resolved in the next few days I will send it back and continue to enjoy the original module
Thanks again


Managed to copy files onto a spare 32gb sd card and so far it seems to have worked. Still triggers badly but that will down to me to sort.


Hi, I just got the new 2Box Drumit 5 module and Im having some problems with setting up the Cymbals they're 2 Box also, (Chockable 3 zones). I figured they would be easiest to calibrate. They dont seem to trigger that well its almost like the Rubber coating is too thick? Ive been trying all types of setting but it seems that the Bow portion isn't as responsive at least not consitantly. Also I'm noticing a volume drop too This seems t happen with the cymbals and Hi Hat also 2Box. Any help out there would be welcome.
Thanks in advance



I would check UNIT – SPEC page and see if the GAINR parameter is set to on. (Set it to off)

"GAINR" (gain reduction) allows you to decrease the selected channel's sensitivity. This function may come in handy for pads that deliver a powerful signal. Together with the "GAIN" parameter on the "UNIT-TRIG" page, this allows you to specify the optimum input sensitivity.

Please bear in mind that this function is only available for the hi-hat and cymbal 1~3 channels.

Best regards

Anders /
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Problem is sd card must be very fast reading .I have 64gb 170mb/s...


Crashes and issues sound causes too slow sd card
Orginal 2box card reading 100mb/s ...problem solved when change sd card 64gb san disc extreme pro 170mb/ how change orginal card too very better