Author Topic: Stealthdrum hi hat conversion trigger settings with new Drumit5 Mk2 module  (Read 375 times)


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Anybody using a Stealthdrums hi hat conversion with the new Drumit5 Mk2 Module? Been  Wrestling with it for a few hours and can't get it right!  Need some basic settings to get started . More involved but I know it will be better than the old hi hat when I am done! Just getting lazy! Just want to play!
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The Stealth hh conversion should follow the original 2box hh settings. (But I never tried the Stealth implementation)
What kind of problems to you get?

Standard 2box hh settings:

Type: hihat
Gain: 0
Sens: -36
Mask: off
Curve: Norm
Xtalk: Off

hhtyp: 2box
Curve: Neg2
Sens: -5
midi: cc4

And then follow the standard process with calibration for 2box. 

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