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ddrum4 eprom files

Started by Deve Loper, March 19, 2021, 10:02:02 AM

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Deve Loper


I answered on the ddrum forum, so why not here too...

Here are ddrum4 eprom images. See rel notes below.
Important! Check the Flash chip (8 of those) type on your dd4 hardware!


ddrum4 release: 1.50 for Intel Flash
date: 2001-11-20
checksum: 61aa (in AMD 27C040 EPROM)

- Audio level increased by 6 dB.
- Set main volume (active on all 6 outputs) in SYSTEM-OPT menu.
- Sends and receives MIDI main volume (ctrl 7).
- SDS variation 5 has mono mode trig.
- New palette, user and factory kits according to the Signature Edition sounds.
- The dynamics can be turned off, the trig level will always be at 75 %.
- In sound manager mode, one can select a whole sound group (hold SOUND while dialing).
  The total number of files in the group is shown. When any of these are
  marked (blinking), the number of marked files is shown.
- No more demo songs (new ones will be added later).

ddrum4 release: 1.54 for AMD Flash
date: 2003-07-10
checksum: ae9a (in AMD 27C040 EPROM)

- Adapted for AMD 29F080 Flash chip only. Use version 1.50 for Intel Flash.


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Nice Deve!

Ken - I was reading about the latest version of ddrum4edit - nice stuff here also!

Best regards

Anders /
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These files appear to have disappeared, any chance you could re-upload?
Best wishes,
Chris [midierror]


Thanks Dave, very much appreciated!


Thanks Deve!

I've put 1.5 on my machine but I still get the same boot up issue.

When I turn it on the LED shows 8 then . and doesn't respond to any key presses.

Is anyone familiar with this?? 

Deve Loper

Hi. Unfortunately, the cause will be difficult to track down.

Does it show 8 on 1 of the 3 digits, and then a . ?
That means something is still being clocked.
Or is it an 8 and next digit a . and all stands still?

It seems you would need to test power, clock, etc on the pcb.

Best, Deve.