Selling my expanded Drumit5 kit - Last Try before eBay....

Started by paulf707, July 05, 2020, 06:06:14 AM

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I no longer have room or time for my 2Box Drumit5 kit. It is currently dismantled, and I would rather it went to someone who will enjoy it rather than sit here and go (more) out of date.!AvEC4KT8mxCMq61ifpswNpc_uLVNQA!APEC4KT8mxCMp-l5

I bought it in various lots second hand so I cannot vouch for its entire life, but since I've had it's been played (rarely) at home, and never gigged. Functionally, I believe it is all working 100%, but cosmetically there are some scratches on racks and the orange backs of cymbals (a common problem). There are a couple of clamps where 'proper' drum screws have been replaced by nuts and bolts, and a couple of the mesh head have 'snags / pulls' in them (but still play and trigger fine).

I have modified the HiHat to separate the pad from the foot controller (so that you can position the pad wherever you want). Details about what I did are here:
I don't have the original snare drum stand as I preferred to mount the snare pad on the rack (and some of the clamps have longer 'L arms' to help with this).
I also cut one of the 60cm curved horizontal side arms in half and used one each side (at 30cm) - I found this was enough and reduced the kit footprint slightly. There are other rack tubes in the 'other' section so you could have 60cm each side if you needed it (although one of them would be silver and not grey)

The Drumit5 has the 32Gb SD card modification (done before I purchased it) and contains pretty much all the free samples available (drumit5, drumit3 and many others). I will of course remove anything that is copyrighted that I am not allowed to sell legally.

-3 x 14" Cymbals
-1 x 12" HiHat (modified)
-1 x 12" Cymbal (modified HiHat)
-5 x 10" Pads
-1 x 12" Pad
-1 x 16" Kick
-Kick Pedal with 'rubber ball' beater (alternative felt/plastic beater also included)
-Drumit 5 with 32Gb SD Card Modification and 2Box PSU
--2 x 70cm Uprights
--2 x 90cm Uprights
--2 x 90cm Curved Horizontals
--1 x 60s Curved Horizontal
--2 x 30cm Curved Horizontals
--8 x T Connectors
--6 x Pad mounts (clamp and hex rod)
--3 x Cymbal mounts (clamp and hex arm)
--2 x Modified Cymbal mounts (clamp and bolt)
--1 x Kick drum mount and clamp
--HiHat Stand and clamp (modified)
--1 x custom Drumit5 mount (plastic)
--1 x custom stick holder
--5 x 50cm TRS
--5 x 100cm TRS
--6 x 200cm TRS
--1 x 300cm TRS

I expanded the 2Box kit with additional pads, and then bought a TD3 as an auxiliary trigger for even more pads/cymbals. If someone wants the entire kit, then great. I do not want to split the 2Box kit, but I would consider selling that and the TD3 and other pads as a separate lot if preferred.

-Roland TD3 Brain and generic PSU
-1 x 7½" HD1 Rubber Pad (single zone)
-1 x 10" CY-5 Cymbal (single zone)
-1 x 8" Pintech TC Splash (single zone)
-3 x 4" Koby Nano Pads (single zone)
--1 x 40cm straight pipe (silver)
--1 x 60cm curved pipe (silver)
--4 x Clamps for cymbal/tom arms (2 x Dixon, 2 unnamed)
--3 x Pearl type tom mounts (for Koby pads)
--1 x Cymbal Arm
--1 x Alesis T clamp (plastic)
--1 x TD3 Mount (plastic)
--4 x adjustable pipe connectors (and 2 small lengths of tube)
--5 x 100cm Right Angle TRS
--3 x 130cm Jack to Mini Jack TS (for the Koby pads)

It is difficult to put a price on this, as it is a large collection of items (and will be worth different values to different people).


Just giving this one more 'nudge' here before I put it on eBay....

Generally, 2Box kits have been going for £600-£650 on eBay recently, and mine includes the 4th Tom, 3rd Cymbal, and an extra Tom and Cymbal (modified from the HiHat). I accept the HiHat is modified which may not be considered an improvement to all potential buyers, and the snare stand is missing, but I still think the 2Box elements are worth around £650

The other items (TD3 brain, 2 cymbals, 4 pads and assorted rack clamps and stands) are probably worth somewhere around £100.

If anyone is interested in this, and would like to make me an offer on this kit then please get in touch.