Author Topic: Drimit 5 : Kick Drum beater bounce too extremely. Sand pack or Bitumen?  (Read 801 times)


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Hi everyone,

I brought a new Ddrimit five Kit. The heaviest problem is, the beater of the Kick Drum bounce extrenely.
This is a physically behavior. On a normal Kick behavior it feels like the beater is bounce 2-3 times very fast.
This casue also fail triggers.

I checked all screws if they are not loose.  I tried to lower the head strength. Tried to setup the xtalk and sensitivity settings.
The beater feels also very rubbery as well.

Does anyone have an idear how to fix this? This is a real pain unfortunately to play with.
Would another beater help? My model is this one.

I thought about to use an heavyer material like sand or bitumen onto the backside. There are two chrome screws at the backside of the kick pad. Adding an metal plate 15cm * 25cm to the backside and place an sand bag with about 1-2 liters into a save polyethylen pack and place between head and new metal plate. I think the sand have the best physically absorbing property.
And it's totally low cost. 

Thank you very much!

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you bought a "new" one? where?
For the rebound, is the mesh head too tight? try to reduce the tension, it should be less tight than the other drums.