Author Topic: the new speedlight kit - more info please ?  (Read 124 times)


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the new speedlight kit - more info please ?
« on: February 13, 2020, 08:04:50 PM »
Hello everyone,

I am an it tech in Lisbon and have programmed synths in the past (way back - ensoniq esq1 would you believe that?)
I am starting to explore my (hobby) drumming abilities and totally fallen for the drummit 3 / 5 concept and sounds - unimpressed with roland sounds and there´s no midi in. As a pc programmer I totally dig the system after reading the latest user manual.
So I would like to start with a non overboard ($) kit but including one of the 2box units.

This speedlight kit would fit the bill, including all but a throne, but info is so scarce ! there´s no online quick guide other than the unit people know.- no videos, no instructions or unboxing, nothing ! that´s it..  how can anyone launch a product like this ? beyond me.

Now I have read in a close by thread this is apparently build by a Thai manufacturer (4 ply snare + toms I read somewhere ?), so putting aside the main unit my urgent questions regarding the kit if anyone can hint or help :

- I have seen a bunch of videos on the older orange kit. Although wobbly it sounded like it triggered pretty well, seemed to allow good hand sensitivity  and sounded good too (of course). Should I expect something similar for this one, or a lower / higher spec overall ?

- This is an apartment so noise control is paramount. I don´t see any video depicting the outer noise of the kick (hitter seems like a ball so maybe not too much noise?) nor the hi hat pedal - as I said there´s no kit video whatsoever and I don´t speak thai.. What can I expect in terms of noise comparing to any other brand that can be checked out ?

-  Has anyone tried and tested triggering ranges for all the pads in this kit ? how they behave ?

- If I just go ahead and buy a cheaper 5 mk1 unit and order the 32gb card mod (from a distinguished member) with the newer operating system there will be no triggering problems, the headphone volume can be dettached  and it will basically function as 3 unit but with more outputs is that so ?

- I´d really like to avoid buying a compact home setup with a great unit but crappy kit... on the other hand one of these units plus separate roland components will double this speedlight kit cost. I wonder if it justifies ? (going back to my first questions)

thks in advance for replying, sorry for the long post.


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Re: the new speedlight kit - more info please ?
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2020, 05:19:21 AM »

I had the chance to play on the speedlight kit for some minutes about a month ago.

My feeling was that it did not feel like a cheap kit. (It is a Chinese vendor who has produced it - not Thai)

The toms and snare triggered extremely well. I have used the hi-hat for several weeks and it is not more noisy compared to any Roland hi-hats etc. It is abit ATV look alike. The cymbals was great.

Hard to in general if it was a noisy kit...I don’t recall. But worth the money...

Best regards

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