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New OS 1.36.1 available!

Started by edcito, February 10, 2020, 01:49:47 PM

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Not sure what all is new either. But there is an extra splash screen on startup. At least I didn't notice it previously. I have multiple Drumit.dkit files/configurations. The extra splash screen shows which is loading. In my case it is the one I was using last as preference not the default Drumit.dkit.
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Hi  i have problem with version 1.34.10 
I get ghost trigger on cymbal 3 it plays even i dont have the cables in the modul from the drumpads
change back to  1.32.4  and its running with no problem


What about if you try it with the newest OS?
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I try the newest os it was better then the 1.34.10 but still trigger sometimes and it only on cymbal 3
I buy this 2box drumit5 in novemeber last year, it was the 4gig card in the modul, so i buy a extender from Jman so i get 32g
I change the card and its running fine, after that i update to os 1.34.10 for a couple weeks ago and it start trigger on cymb 3, first i think it was xtalk or gain tresh but nothing it still trigger ,
then i take out the extender cable from the modul and try the card in the module without extender same problem,I erased the 32card and keep the copy on my pc , I copy the 4gig card to the 32gig card and test in the module no problem,after that i put back the extender and try the card and i have still no triggering, i put back the copy from the pc on the 32g card and it start trigger, now i know it was somethings with data on the card ,change back to old os and it look until now it not trigger, i hope that was the solution.
I can say that when i update the os in the first place i even put some new kits from BFD3 with SDSE so i thought that was something with the new kits


When swapping around cards is easy to lose control over all the modified files in each card, it’s hard to remember to rename every dkit file according to your modifications so you’ll end up with a bunch of dkit files in your computer and you don’t know which one belonged to which card anymore...

The cymbal triggering at startup has to do with the wrong dkit selected, when you erase a card and recopy one from your computer the module will start with the wrong dkit/bank file, leading to false/wrong triggering.

It happened to me, that’s why I only use now 2 or 3 at the most 32GB cards with all the SD3 kits and newest expansions decades, death & darkness and soon the Hansa rooms. The old libraries of SD2 don’t sound as good as these anyway.