Author Topic: Roland Fd 8 hihat with 2box drumit three - no Zourman conversion box  (Read 87 times)


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Hi Guys,

Sorry for duplicating threads but it is really hard to fine one straight answer to this question. Below is the question:

Do I really need any additional conversion boxes to use roland fd-8 hihat pedal controller with the 2box drumit three (DI3)? As a reminder it is not a question about drumit five (DI5) and I read latest compatibility list for DI3. I'm still not convinced about no additional expensive conversion boxes needed to play fd-8 (they are mentioning fd-7, but the whole google says you need to have Zourman stuff). Lots of misleading information. :-\

Maybe someone plays on this fd-8 roland with 2box drumt three module configuration and can help.

Thank you for an answer.


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Re: Roland Fd 8 hihat with 2box drumit three - no Zourman conversion box
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2020, 07:55:58 AM »

You don’t need any conversion module to able use FD-8 with DrumIt Three. It is supported and plug and play directly on DI3!

Fd-7, Fd-8 and Fd-9 is very similar in characteristic and settings...that’s why they all are not mentioned in the support documents.

To configure the Fd-8 follow the instructions for calibrating the VH-11.

For future updates of the di3 support document- I will add fd-8, fd-9 to the list.

Best regards

Anders /
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