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Replacement cymbal piezos...

Started by fishmonkey, December 14, 2019, 06:56:42 AM

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hi there,

haven't been around much for a while, and found out that my account was deleted!

does everybody have to go through this maddening 5 step verification process to do everything these days???

does anyone know where i can source replacement ring piezos to fix a 2Box cymbal?


They're a donut shaped piezo, I tried to source these from a Google search, but found not one. But I repaired an old one by glueing 4 10 mm peizos around the cymbal hole and wiring them in parallel. But I had to put a resistor in line on the phase connection to reduce the signal as I came out quite hot! If you're using a drumit3 (or the soon to be drumit5 mk2) , this might not be necessary as it does have a gain reduction option in settings..

But if you contact 2box, maybe you can source where they got their donut peizos from.
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