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Should i buy my drumit 5mkII????

Started by vazer715, January 31, 2021, 11:47:57 PM

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Hi maybe this is the most commun question here in the forum
I use my td 30 to trigger SD3 with minimum latency but some times i feel that minimum latency affects my performance
Do you think it worth to invest in a drumit 5 to load all my sd3 presets and avoid that mínimum latency?
My audio settings says output latency 2.7ms
My buffer latency is 1.3ms
Thanks a lot for your suggestions


I think that's a great idea! Yes, you should buy a drumit 5.

But then again I might be a bit biased, so take that for what it's worth.

I have triggered computer samples in the past. For me it was always more work than I wanted to do. You essentially need a dedicated laptop to do the job and not mess with it. Even then, updates and other maintenance tasks some times changed things and created problems.

Having said that, doing it with a drumit 5 has a different set of issues. You'll need SDSE to export your SD3 kits. And you may have to tweak it a number of times to get it like you want it.

The big difference being that once you have satisfactory kits in your drumit, it's all good from there. Just turn it on and select the kit and you're off to the races.

Good luck! gabo



any other comment, do you think the drumit 5mkII has a good trigger reponse? compared with roland modules


Once you have dailed in the optimum settings for you, the snare/ride response is great, but not on par with a TD50 with it's digital snare/ride set up. But having played both, I never went back to a 2box and feel like I was playing something from the 1980's... but was a subtle shift that's all. If you really crave the positional sensing of the snare/ride like what a Td50 gives, then nothing is gonna live up to that. It really comes down to the players preferences.
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