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Always reboot

Started by detyu, November 09, 2010, 05:52:04 AM

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My friend reloaded 1.30 boot but his brain had OS1.10 with 1.32 bootfile. Now it always reboot. What can we do?


Deve Loper


Hey! Unfortunately I did the same thing! Did you find any solution for it? cheers


Quote from: Deve Loper on November 09, 2010, 10:42:52 AM
I'll see if we can post a boot 1.32 updater.


Hi Deve!!! You said this long time ago and now I have the same problem.

I found the file BOOTU130.bin in the module and it now presents exactly the same symptom described there. This BOOT UPDATER could in fact have been accidentally loaded in place of a OS, as it has the same extension.

Now my module boots is always reboot after 10 or 15 seconds.

Please help me!


A file system so simple and people still manage to screw it up, geez...


Quote from: edcito on January 31, 2021, 11:00:34 AM
A file system so simple and people still manage to screw it up, geez...

In fact, the system is extremely simple and functional. I have always admired this about all the many advantages of 2BOX!
However, the BIN extension used in OS is easily confused with BIN files for boot updates. And it seems that the hardware / software has this flaw when overwriting the firmware with a boot version equal to or earlier than the installed one (Fact is that 2Box itself abandoned the idea of updating the Boot and removed all these references / support from its page. Also I saw DEVE LOPER here warning a few times not to do this).

Well, it's a predictable accident when dealing with users (I'm a programmer too!). Now here's the question: is there a way to reverse? My module spontaneously restarts every 15 seconds. For the rest, in that minimum time, it seems that everything is there, working perfectly.

Deve Loper

Here are boot updater 1.32 and 1.34.

Hold left button over lcd at power up for usb mode.
Copy them to sd card root.
Power off, hold mid button, power up.
Select bootupd 1.32 or 1.34 and LOAD.
Boot is updated, then restart.

It might be that on restart bootupdater loads again because of later (higher) version number.
However, I think I made it that only files with OS are loaded on normal power on.
Otherwise, just remove bootupd.bin by usb.

This is for original DI5 only, what is changed after that, I dont know.
Also, I only made the DI5 OS upto 1.24.
If boot 1.32 works, all good.
If you get occasional weird behaviour, update to 1.34.
It fixed an issue in later processor chips which meant lower clock frequency.

Best, Deve.


Yeahhhhh!!! It's TRUE.

And now EVERYTHING is back to working perfectly, as I suspected!

Guys, you are amazing! I need to actively participate in the forum again (I lost my old profile, from the beginning of 2010)

I also register here my gratitude for Zourman's interest and prompt response by email!

Deve, thank you very much for your support and help! You are the BEST!

Well, back to the happiness again ...

Greetings from Brazil.

Deve Loper

You're welcome :-)
Which bootupd version did you use?
And which OS do you run?


In fact, I've been here since 2010. After some time without access, I lost my original login, I had to create another profile.

The solution met me perfectly, something is leaving my messages waiting for moderation, but I even thanked you a few days ago.

Now my Five MK1 has Boot 1.32 and OS 1.36.30 (the last).

Good to have people like you, ready to help!

After exchanging some messages with the official product support, today I was contacted by Bengt himself!
What an honor to be able to count on those who know this system in depth.