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Curious trigger problem 2box snare

Started by Bennyh, October 22, 2019, 03:56:51 PM

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Hi everyone, I'm new here.
I've been lurking for years, but only just acquired a lightly used D5 kit. Otherwise an acoustic drummer so a bit new to e-drums.
My snare pad rim doesn't trigger unless I hit it in a spot very close to the sensor.
When I take the cover off, the wiring looks ok. Tapping the rim piezo with my finger triggers the rim sound but is no where near as sensitive as the head. The snare rim sensitivity is set on max.
When I switch the cable around to a tom pad, the rim triggers very well, so I'm confident it's a problem with the snare pad.
Presumably I need to replace the 12mm piezo for the rim. Is it simply a case of buying one the right size and soldering / gluing it in place?

In other regards I'm really happy. I've taken out the hihat pad and subbed in Zildjian low volume hihats. Trying to concentrate on playing rather than tweaking, but it's very tempting.
Thanks for listening


My guess would be the rim has one or more cracks in it. As they're made of plastic this isn't surprising for a rim being played by a drummer! As for fixes, don't think glue would cut it. You could try ordering a spare part or replace it with a standard 12" 6 hole triple flanged hoop. You would need to cut away a section though for the over lapping metal main sensor protector. Hard to explain without pictures but I have seen it done.
My Hovercraft is full of Eels!


Thanks Steve, interesting thought. I'll investigate. If it requires metalwork, I'll probably just live with it, or use the spare tom pad - I play 1up 1down


Hey, try to loosen the mesh head first. I've found that tightening the head too much results in the rim loosing a lot of sensitivity. Tune the snare it a lot lower to see if it does the trick.


The rim is intact, and I now understand the rim trigger much better.
Nocturno, i did find this to be true. Due to double triggering with the single ply 2box head, I'd changed to a Jobeky 3 ply and I think the increased tension was causing most of the problems. It wasn't really sitting dead centre on the drum either.
I can now trigger the rim, but I still don't feel it's as reliable as the tom rim triggers, harder to get the gradient from rim click to rimshot.
Switching back to the single ply head caused return of double triggers so I have to set some mask, but then cannot make nice 2 stroke rolls. Changing the sensor type to acoustic trigger has cured it for now.
More fiddling to follow I suspect. I'm happy overall - none of this is a big problem in what is my practise kit.
Cheers both.