Author Topic: SD-Card mod step by step  (Read 105294 times)


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Re: SD-Card mod step by step
« Reply #105 on: December 20, 2020, 09:22:55 AM »
Hi All,

Thanks everybody envolved in this topic. I appreciate your time to shear your wisdom and experience to the rest. This forum Rocks!
Anyway I'd like to shear mine weird experience with doind this mod, so maybe it will bring more positive thinking after you tighten all of your srews sit comfortably and see how the module doesn't read the sd card through the extender after all... I did every step, I was extremaly careful with extender so much i even fold back the casing with a pilers. I was pretty sure that everything is one big success. Until i put original card and find out that it isn't working. No usb mode error appear with no other option than switch off tje module. I straighten up the cable and tried again... Then it worked. I figured out that this is the only position for the extender snake to work with the card. At that time I decided to resign from extender as it seems to be somehow damaged and buy the sdhc lexar 32gb 1000x card and put that card straight to the module... So i bought it and i was not that simple as very little shops had it on sale. I decided to give the last chance for the use of extender. I put the new card to the hub and guess what?.... Everything started to work! I bend the extender snake in almost every position(of course carefully, no more than 90 deg) and the new card was reading without any error, without any delay and it is working till now I did the mod a month ago and played several time with no issues. Why it suddenly started to work with new card rahter than with original one through the extender? Nothing as it seems. Maybe some day we will now. Wish you the same luck!