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Yamaha PHH135 - Calibrating with Drumit 3

Started by JOHNNY5000, August 03, 2019, 06:06:37 PM

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Hello! I tried many times to calibrate my Yamaha PHH 135 Hihat with Drumit 3, but it does not seem to work, only small results, but no full functionality. I got stuck maybe at the exact calibration because after I try to calibrate it it only stays open, or closed, regardless how i play on it, opened or closed. The best result i could reach is that it opened just a little giving a loose hihat sound, not open hihat sound.
Does anyone know how it should be calibrated what parameters are the best for it?



There are 2 sw versions on the web site of 2box. I had problems with the newer one to identify the rhh135 but the old one  works fine with one exception whenever you switch to another kit you have to first press the footswitch otherwise the hithat doesn not work.