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Problems with Jobeky Triggers

Started by Lucasmac, April 05, 2019, 11:53:24 AM

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Hey all!

So here is the problem, I'm using jobeky triggers with mesh heads and jobeky cymbals with my 2box and when i'm playing the sounds they seem to be much quiter when I play them together than when i play them by itself. I recently exported GGD Modern and Massive kit which sounds so good! But, when i play a 16th note hi-hat beat with a basic 1-3 kick 2-4 snare beat the hihat doesn't play nearly as loud. Also, i feel like i'm getting alot of latency with the hi-hat controller from jobeky. I've messed with attack, threshold, gain, etc. But i'm having a hard time dialing it in! Any help would be massively appreciated. I convinced my church to go to this setup as controlling drums in the live setting was extremely difficult in the old building we are in. They have brought in a bunch of professional sounds guys and to do a decent job at controlling the room would cost tens of thousands which the church doesn't have so I offered a $1500 solution!! Anyway just a little background. Thanks again for any help!