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Weak USB connection to mac

Started by Zappmax, March 31, 2019, 08:19:14 AM

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Hi to everyone,
I am new to drumit three and i just startet to test it a bit but i have one big problem , i cannot establish a proper usb connection to my mac book pro with el capitan. The modul has the newest OS .

I press the left databutton while switchin on, then ts remains in usb disconnect. I also changed usb ports. Only 2 times a had a connection to the mac yet. If i press the middle and right button during switching on i can change os or the sdram count works. One of my 2 connections happened after the sdram count finished but cannot reproduced

Thx for any help


I testet the connection with Win7 and the same cable and everything works fine , so it seems to be the mac side 😩


Seem‘s to be a known problem with usb stack of el capitan.