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lefty's, openhanded or reversed kit ?

Started by FooFighters, March 15, 2019, 02:22:56 PM

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I recently got myself a Tama Superstar Classic kit for my mancave.
I have added DDrum Pro triggers and Roland CY cymbals and a Drumit3 module.

It's almost 20 years ago since I last sit behind a drumkit, so lots of practice for me.
But I am trying to figure out what to do with my kit because I am lefthanded.

At the moment I choose a righthanded setup and play openhanded.
So hihat and snare on the left with the ride behind the snare.
But I still have some doubts about reversing my kit into the lefthand setup.
I am still in the beginners fase, so there's still time left to change.

Did any other lefty's faced the same dilema ? What did you do ?